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ETCI ATEX Training Programme 2005

The Electro-Technical Council of Ireland (ETCI) has drawn up its training programme for dealing with potentially explosive atmospheres. These courses are prepared to appeal to the pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas industries, consultant engineers, local authorities, relevant Government Departments and electrical contractors engaged in electrical installations in hazardous areas. Included in the programme are:

Training Course & Workshop on Hazardous Area Classification.

Due to the success of this course in November 2004, ETCI are holding this two-day course again on 21/22 April in Cork and 25/26 April in Dublin.

The objective of the course is to introduce the subject of area classification, to explain the principles and how an assessment is made. At the end of the course you should have a thorough appreciation of the subject and be able to participate in a study under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. Reference will be made to the relevant legislation and to the European codes which provide guidance for gases, vapours, mists and combustible dusts.

The course has been prepared to appeal to Process Control, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Designers involved in the design, operation or maintenance of plants where flammable materials are used in the process. The course will also be beneficial to Health & Safety professionals and those who are involved in compiling the Explosion Protection Document.

ATEX Certification Course

ETCI is currently developing a new subsystem completion certificate and test records for potentially explosive atmospheres.

These documents will apply to new installations where part of the installation traverses hazardous areas. These subsystem test records become part of the support documentation for installations requiring periodic inspection and testing. Prior to the introduction of the certificate and test record sheet, ETCI will hold a ½-day training course on the application of these documents. The course will appeal to consulting engineers, electrical contractors and electricians involved in the installation, inspection and testing of electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres. The course will be held in Dublin and Cork during May 2005.

Hazardous Area Training Course.

This is a three-day training course designed to offer a working knowledge in the selection and use of electrical equipment within potentially explosive atmospheres.

The course is aimed at personnel requiring a broad base of knowledge and skill within this complex field.

The course will be provided in a classroom environment with a limited amount of practical work. Each delegate attending the course will be provided with a comprehensive course training manual. This course manual is ideally suited to supplement the current suite of ETCI publications in the potentially explosive atmosphere area.

The focus of the course is classroom based, so the course can be held at a central venue or at company's premises (dependent on numbers). The course contains a limited amount of practical work, but this can be undertaken within the classroom environment.

The course will cover the following topics:-

  • Basic concepts, fire triangle, definitions, etc.
  • Directives, legislation, standards, regulations and codes of practice
  • Characteristics of Gases and Vapours - group, temperature rating and zoning
  • Protection type 'd' - flameproof
  • Protection type 'e' - increased safety
  • Protection type 'n' - reduced risk
  • Protection type 'p' - pressurised apparatus
  • Protection type 'i' - intrinsic safety
  • Protection type 'o' - oil emersion
  • Protection type 'q' - powder filled
  • Protection type 'm' - encapsulation
  • Apparatus accessories
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection

ETCI is conducting a survey on the industries' requirements for these courses and to plan its training programme particularly regarding course location and expected numbers. In order to maximise the benefit that participants will gain from these courses,

ETCI will limit the attendance number to 20. ETCI will use your feedback information to plan its course location and number of courses to run. Your participation in this survey is much appreciated.

Please view the ATEX Survey Form >>>>>