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Do you Have An RCD Test Sticker on Your Distribution Board?

- If not, ETCI will post one to you - all you have to do is forward a stamped addressed envelope to ETCI.

ETCI strongly urges householders and workplaces to regularly check that their Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are working correctly. ETCI recommends that RCDs are checked at least twice yearly. An ideal time to do this is at the spring and autumnal equinox time change.

RCDs, also known as earth leakage circuit breakers or safety switches, are essential for electrical safety and can prevent electrocution. They can be found on the electrical distribution boards in houses and workplaces.

The design of RCDs means they immediately switch electricity off when electricity "leaking" to earth is detected at a level harmful to a person using electrical equipment. Regularly checking RCDs using the test button provided is essential to ensuring they are working correctly.

The video clip "RCDs Saving Lives" which can be viewed from the ETCI web site homepage explains the purpose and operation of RCDs, where they are to be found and how to test them.

ETCI has produced an adhesive backed label that is intended to be placed on the external side of the Distribution Board door.The purpose of this label, dimensions 135mm (H) X 95mm (W), is to remind householders and employers to test their RCDs regularly - at least twice annually. A good rule-of-thumb is that the RCDs are checked at the same time as the clocks are changed at the vernal and autumnal equinox.

ETCI's message is clear: "For your sake as well as family members and fellow workers use the changing of clocks at the summer and winter time changes as a reminder to check your RCD". It's a simple task that could save a life.

Click here to view the RCD Sticker. If you wish to receive the sticker, free of charge, please send a stamped addressed envelope to ETCI Offices, Unit H12, Centrepoint Business Park, Oak Road, Dublin 12, indicating the number of stickers that you require.