ET 213: Guide to the Basic Principles of Electrical Safety

ET213This Guide to the Basic Principles of Electrical Safety was prepared by Technical Committee No.5 (TC5) of the Electro-Technical Council of Ireland (ETCI) following a request from one of its member organisations. The purpose of this Guide is to raise the awareness of electrical safety and to describe protective measures that are available to reduce the risk of being injured by electricity.

The Guide has been written as a text to accompany a short training course in practical electrical safety. The course is aimed at all persons concerned with electrical safety. This should help to improve the awareness of electrical hazards and reduce the risk of people being injured by electricity. The basis principles of electricity are explained, as are the risks and precautions needed to minimise these risks.

The Guide has been divided into three parts which corresponds to the lectures given on the course. Below are the topics dealt with:

Part 1: The Basic Principles and Requirements

Part 2: Precautions to Prevent Danger

Part 3: Other Particular Situations

This publication was introduced on 23rd October 2007. Further information on the training course based on this publication is available by contacting ETCI.