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ETCI promotes and coordinates electro-technical standardisation in Ireland in close collaboration with the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI).

In support of Ireland's membership of the IEC and CENELEC, ETCI is recognised as the Irish Electrotechnical Committee, and is charged with bringing together all national electro-technical interests, including companies and business, industry associations, educational bodies and governmental and regulatory bodies. To organize the technical standardization work ETCI maintains a network of Technical Committees (TC) and Task Forces (TF) covering many areas of electro-technology.

Over 200 technical experts contribute their knowledge and expertise on a voluntary basis to these committees and join their European and international counterparts in developing a worldwide system of standards for the enduring benefit of all stakeholders.

ETCI technical committees have been working on standards development for over four decades and represent the organisations greatest asset.

The guiding principles for the work of the ETCI technical committees are set out in the ETCI Code of Ethics, supported by a system of Procedures. The ETCI Technical Management Committee (TMC) is charged with coordinating the work of the technical committees and for providing supporting technologies such as ETCI Livelink National eCommittees.

For more information on the work of the ETCI Technical Committees and Task Forces please contact ETCI Head Office or the relevant committee secretary.



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