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TC 16 Electromagnetic Compatibility

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Standardization related to electromagnetic compatibility across the entire frequency spectrum.

Considersation extends to all aspects of the ability of equipment or a system to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances to anything in that environment.

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IEC/ACEC Advisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility
IEC/TC 77 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
IEC/SC 77A Low frequency phenomena
IEC/SC 77B High frequency phenomena
CISPR International Special Committee on Radio Interference
CISPR/A Radio interference measurements and statistical methods
CISPR/B Interference relating to industrial, scientific and medical RF apparatus
CISPR/D Interference relating to motor vehicles and internal combustion engines
CISPR/F Interference relating to household appliances, tools, lighting equipment and similar apparatus
CISPR/H Limits for the protection of radio services
CISPR/I Electromagnetic compatibility of information technology equipment, multimedia equipment & receivers
CISPR/S Steering Committee of CISPR
CLC TC 210 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

The hyperlinks in the table above link to the IEC and CENELEC "Dashboards", which provide very detailed information on the relevant committees, their scope, structure, strategic plans, projects, published standards, draft documents, votes and meetings. This content is being continually updated and is the definitive source of information on these committees.

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IEC Online Catalogue and Web Store
Irish Standards Catalogue (online catalogue of Irish Standards, free guest access and standard previews)
European Community Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
EU Rapex (rapid alert of products posing serious risk to health and safety of consumers)
Your Standards Your Say

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ETCI TC16 committee documents are hosted on the TC16 Livelink National eCommittees platform. The committee Secretary will have arranged for all members of the committee to have been issued with passwords. In the event of any difficulties, the committee Secretary will normally be able to assist, otherwise the national Livelink Helpdesk may be contacted at









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